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For Healthcare, Senior Care and Alzheimer's Patients

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  Fast dial buttons for immediate assistance  

S911 Bracelet Locator HC (Healthcare) can be used to provide location information on the patients, physicians, nurses, and police on duty and assist patients unable to communicate due to issues or injury, health or age.

GPS bracelet for Alzheimers, Dementia & Autism
S911 Bracelet Locator ST

Security Band with Tamper Detection (HC-ST only)
Built–In tamper detection circuit for security purpose and real time alert.

Security keyway & Security lock screws for HC-ST only.

S911 Bracelet Locator HC (Healthcare) and HC-ST (Healthcare + Security) offers a high sensitivity GPS location tracker with an emergency cell phone.

The S911 Bracelet Locator Healthcare features

  • SOS emergency button
  • Motion sensor for person down alert
  • GeoFence protection
  • Quick dial for immediate assistance.
  • Tamper detection
  • **WaterBlock™
  • Advance power saving functions.

In real time, the device can pinpoint the exact location of the person within 10ft.
It's ideal for locating patients (Alzheimer's, Dementia and Autism), physicians, nurses and for elderly care.
It will also alert you in emergency situations when the person is unable to communicate.
The unit is stylish yet robust for everyday use.

A patient wearing the S911 Bracelet Locator Healthcare, has little chance of getting lost because location data is collected and transmitted in real time to our secure website -

The S911 Bracelet Locator's Healthcare Security Band (Only for HC-ST version) also features Tamper Detection.
Once the band is cut or clasp is opened, a notification will be sent.

If a patient happens to enter or exit a predefined GeoFence, caretakers and our call center will receive a real time alert by email and SMS.